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GROUP NAME             LEADERS     LOCATION             DAY & TIME
Beacon Tina & Tony Zoom Monday:  7 pm
Divine Romer & Julianka Zoom Tuesday:  8 pm
Unashamed Hans, Zoe & Raviro Zoom  Tuesday: 7 pm
Ignite Dakarai & Ayoola Zoom   Tuesday: 7 pm
Shiloh Mary & Michaela Zoom Wednesday: 10.30am
Jewels of The Lord  Shadreck & Violet Zoom Thursday: 7 pm
Unite Monique,Esther & Sarfo         Zoom                 Thursday: 7 pm       

Connect groups are meeting this week. Please see the list of connect groups and their meeting days and time. please contact the church office or the connect leaders if you wish to join a connect group or access the zoom link.   

Pursuit of God
Study Guide
Before the people of Israel crossed over into the promised land, God gave them this warning:
When you have eaten your fill, be sure to praise the Lord your God for the good land He has given you.

 “But that is the time to be careful! Beware that in your plenty you do not forget the Lord your God and disobey His commands, regulations, and decrees that I am giving you today. For when you have become full and prosperous and have built fine homes to live in, and when your flocks and herds have become very large and your silver and gold have multiplied along with everything else, be careful!   Do not become proud at that time and forget the Lord your God, who rescued you from slavery in the land of Egypt. (Deuteronomy 8:10-14)

It is easy for the joys and cares of this life to crowd our minds and thus push Jesus into obscurity in our thoughts and desires.
If we look at our own lives, we will realise that many things occupy our hearts and compete with God for our attention.
We must careful that we don’t allow earthly things to take the place that is reserved only for God.

I pray that our hearts will burn with hunger and our souls will thirst for the living God once again. 
I pray that you will once again leap with joyful recognition of your divine relationship with God and that you will begin or continue the glorious pursuit of the infinite riches of knowing and loving God.

Remember, to pursue God, we must first desire God above all else.  This desire must then meet intention and intention should lead to a determined action.

That is to seek God, we must desire God, we must also be intentional in our pursuit of Him and then act with determination. 
Pastor Aaron Berko

1. Luke 10:38-42, Matthew 6:33-34, Psalm 90:12
How do we balance our earthly responsibilities with our need and desire to know God?

2. Deuteronomy 8:10-14, 17-18, Matthew 6:19-24
Why is so easy to forget God when we come into His blessings?

3. Psalm 42:1, Psalm 63:1-8, Jeremiah 29:11-13, Philippians 3:7-10
How do we keep our passion for God alive?

Prayer:  Lord forgive me for not making you my priority, forgive me for allowing the cares of this world to take a place reserved only for You.
Create in me Lord a passion for You once again and lead me on the paths of righteousness.  Preserve my focus on You Lord and be once again enthroned in my life.  Amen
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