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Sunday Celebration Service continues at The Hub until 30th September.
We are continuing our 28-week power packed and life transforming sermon series on the book of the Acts of the Apostles. Study the word and be expectant! May the Word transform our world.
The following Connect Groups are meeting this week at the Hub:
Divine -  Tuesday -  7.00pm
Shiloh -  Wednesday -  10.30am
Jewels of the Lord - Thursday -  7.00pm.
*Please note that the connect groups on campus will not be meeting until the University resumes in September.

Acts 17
1. Genesis 1:26-28; 3:8.
Our Father God made us with at least three purposes in mind: that we should walk with him, that we should image him and his glory to the world, and that we should
tend his creation. Discuss what it might look like if we were fully restored to those three purposes.

2. Acts 17:1-4, 10-12, 22-34.
How does Paul's approach to proclaiming the gospel differ, depending on his audience? What can we learn from this about (1) our personal conduct, and (2) how we 'do' church?
"Treasure Seekers" is back this summer. This is a summer outreach event for children. It will hold from the 28th - 31st of August at Hersden Community center. We need volunteers to help at this event, please register with the Church Office at if you will like to be a part of this amazing thing God is doing in the Hersden community.
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