Audio Sermons

The Miracles of Jesus (3) Shadreck Chikomba 14/07/2019
The Miracles of Jesus (2) William White 07/07/2019
The Miracles of Jesus Aaron Berko 30/06/2019
It is not a Setback, it is a Setup Aaron Berko 23/06/2019
Baptism in The Holy Spirit Aaron Berko 16/06/2019
Your Birth Right Ernest Agyei 09/06/2019
Baptism of The Holy Spirit Part 1 Shadreck Chikomba 02/06/2019
New Wine Aaron Berko 26/05/2019
Worthy Vessels Aaron Berko 19/05/2019
Whatever he tells you to do, DO IT! Andrew Parfitt 12/05/2019
The Power of Prayer Aaron Berko 5/05/2019
The Power of the Cross Part 3 Aaron Berko 28/04/2019
The Cross , The Grave and The Church Aaron Berko 21/04/2019
The Power of the Cross Aaron Berko 14/04/2019
Faithful God Ronke Adeyanju 07/04/2019
Stretching Your Faith Aaron Berko 31/03/2019
Healing for your Soul Aaron Berko 24/03/2019
The Implications and Applications of Faith Aaron Berko 10/03/2019
Faith comes alive Aaron Berko 24/02/2019
Come out of the shadows Aaron Berko 17/02/2019
Preparing your Heart for Love Aaron Berko 10/02/2019
One Thing William White 03/02/2019
Living with Intention Aaron Berko 27/01/2019
Create the right Atmosphere Aaron Berko 20/01/2019
Keeping the Charge of the Lord in 2019 Shadreck Chikomba 13/01/2019
Keep yours eyes on the promise Aaron Berko 06/01/2019
Wise People Still Seek Him Aaron Berko 23/12/2018
Gossip William White 16/12/2018
Reason for the Season Pastor Aaron Berko 09/12/2018
Encourage Yourself In The Lord Aaron Berko02/12/2018
The Gift of Prophecy Aaron Berko25/11/2018
A new future in Christ David Rowlands 18/11/2018
I am Church, The Blessings of Being Church Aaron Berko 11/11/2018
The Church is your Responsibility Aaron Berko 04/11/2018
The Church, God's Unstoppable Force Aaron Berko 28/10/2018
Shadreck Chikomba What it means to be part of a local church 14/10/2018
Acts 28 Aaron Berko 07/10/2018
World Changers 10 Aaron Berko 10/06/2018
World Changers 9 William White 03/06/2018
World Changers 8 Ronke Adeyanju 27/05/2018
World Changers 7 William White 20/05/2018
World Changers 6 Aaron Berko 13/05/2018
World Changers 5 Aaron Berko 06/05/2018
World Changers 4 William White 29/04/2018
World Changers 3 Aaron Berko 22/04/2018
World Changers 2 Aaron Berko 15/04/2018
The Easter Message Aaron Berko 01/04/2018
The special place of those who are humble in the heart of God Shadreck Chikomba 25/03/2018
1 Peter 4 William White 18/03/2018
1 Peter 3 Aaron Berko 11/03/2018
1 Peter 2 Aaron Berko 04/03/2018
Love, Integrity and Relationships Various speakers 18/02/2018
God, our First Love Aaron Berko 11/02/2018
Running with Endurance Aaron Berko 04/02/2018
Friendship Andrew Parfitt28/01/2018
Galatians 5 and 6 William White 21/01/2018
No Other Gospel Shadreck Chikomba 14/01/2018
Christmas Aaron Berko 24/12/2017
Identity in Christ Aaron Berko 17/12/2017
One Church William White 03/12/2017
Identity and Purpose Ronke Adeyanju 26/11/2017
Keys to Living a Successful Life Aaron Berko 19/11/2017
Zechariah 4 - Small Beginnings Andrew Parfait 12/11/2017
The Touch of God Sujith Alex 05/11/2017
The Great Blessings that come with being part of a Healthy Church Shadreck Chikomba 29/10/2017
The Journey to Success John Partington 22/10/2017
Respect and Honour Aaron Berko 15/10/2017
Reaching Out To Be A Blessing To Our Community Aaron Berko 08/10/2017
John 4 Will White 01/10/2017
United With Purpose, With Everyone Taking Part Aaron Berko 24/09/2017
Pursue Growth And Battle Mediocrity Aaron Berko 17/09/2017
HuB Inauguration Service Roy Killey 16/09/2017
Overcoming The Snares of The Enemy Aaron Berko 10/09/2017
Church Culture Aaron Berko 13/08/2017
Faith and Works Will White 06/08/2017
Know For Yourself What It Means To Be Christian II Shadreck Chikomba 30/07/2017
Know For Yourself What It Means To Be Christian Shadreck Chikomba 16/07/2017
Spiritual Vigilance Shadreck Chikomba 25/06/2017
Holy Spirit Aaron Berko 18/06/2017
Empowered Aaron Berko 11/06/2017
Undistracted Aaron Berko 28/05/2017
The Joys And Blessings of Loving Jesus Aaron Berko 21/05/2017
Spiritual Vigilance Shadreck Chikomba 14/05/2017
Qualified Aaron Berko 30/04/2017
The Life of a Christian Ronke Adeyanju 23/04/2017
We Stand Forgiven Shadreck Chikomba 09/04/2017
Solid Ground Will White 26/03/2017
Meeting The Challenges of Life Grayson Jones 19/03/2017
Killing Sin Will White 12/03/2017
The Wonder of The Cross Aaron Berko 05/03/2017
The Centrality of Jesus-Connected to the Source John Parttington 19/02/2017
Encounter-He Believed God Shadreck Chikomba 05/02/2017
Encounter III Aaron Berko 29/01/2017
Encounter II Aaron Berko 22/01/2017
Encounter-Pursuing the Presence of God Aaron Berko 15/01/2017
Dethroning Mammon Will White 18/12/2016
The Christmas Message Aaron Berko 11/12/2016
Battlefield Of The Mind Aaron Berko 04/12/2016
Developing A Generous Spirit Aaron Berko 27/11/2016
We Stand Forgiven Shadreck Chikomba 20/11/2016
The Power And Purpose Of Praise Aaron Berko 13/11/2016
Christ Is Enough lV Will White 06/11/2016
Christ Is Enough lll Aaron Berko 30/10/2016
Christ Is Enough ll Aaron Berko 23/10/2016
Christ Is Enough Aaron Berko 16/10/2016
Be Strong And Courageous David Rowlands 09/10/2016
You Cannot Earn Salvation Will White 02/10/2016
Who Will You Call Upon Aaron Berko 25/09/2016
He Must Continue To Increase In Us Shadreck Chikomba 18/09/2016
ENVY, The Forgotten Sin Aaron Berko 11/09/2016
Feast At The King's Table Andrew Parfitt 04/09/2016
The Bride of Christ Rosamund Dufort 28/08/2016
Running The Race Will White 21/08/2016
The Valley of Achor Revisited Leigh Goodwin 14/08/2016
1 Kings 13 Will White 07/08/2016
His Thoughts And Ways Are Far Higher Than Our Own Shadreck Chikomba 31/07/2016
Called Into Greatness Aaron Berko 24/07/2016
Seeing The Bog Picture Eddie Rowlands 17/07/2016
Authority Aaron Berko 10/07/2016
A Heart After God's Own Heart Aaron Berko 03/07/2016
Signs of Spiritual Dryness Shadreck Chikomba 26/06/2016
Fatherhood Aaron Berko 19/06/2016
Costs and Benefits of Serving Jesus Christ Aaron Berko 12/06/2016
The Holy Spirit's Work In Us William White 15/05/2016
7 Principles of the Kingdom Rosamund Dufort 01/05/2016
Making A Contribution ll Shadreck Chikomba 24/04/2016
I Believe Therefore I AM Aaron Berko 17/04/2016
Hebrews 10 Will White 10/04/2016
Making A Contribution Shadreck Chikomba 20/03/2016
Ruth Aaron Berko 13/03/2016
Is Your Net Working Terry Eckersley 06/03/2016
Romans 13-16 Aaron Berko 28/02/2016
The Meaning of Marriage Andrew Parfitt 21/02/2016
The ABCs of Relationships Aaron Berko 14/02/2016
Romans 9-12 Aaron Berko 07/02/2016
Romans 8 Aaron Berko 31/01/2016
Romans 1-3 Aaron Berko 17/01/2016
Trust in the Lord Aaron Berko 03/01/2016
Christmas Aaron Berko 20/12/2015
Reflection Aaron Berko 06/12/2015
Spiritual Gifts Aaron Berko 29/11/2015
The Consequences of Sinful Living Shadreck Chikomba 22/11/2015
Daniel 10-12 Aaron Berko 15/11/2015
Daniel 8 & 9 Andrew Parfitt 08/11/2015
Daniel 6 & 7 Aaron Berko 01/11/2015
Daniel 4 David Rowlands 25/10/2015
Daniel 2 & 3 Aaron Berko 18/10/2015
Daniel 1 Ronke Adeyanju 11/10/2015
True Christian Living William White 04/10/2015
Times And Seasons Aaron Berko 27/09/2015
The Hallmark of True Christianity Aaron Berko 20/09/2015
Colossians 4 William White 13/09/2015
Colossians 2 William White 30/08/2015
Colossians 1 Ronke Adeyanju 23/08/2015
The Transforming Power of Grace Aaron Berko 16/08/2015
1 Peter 5 Andrew Parfitt 02/08/2015
1 Peter 4 Aaron Berko 26/07/2015
Genuineness Of Our Faith Shadreck Chikomba 05/07/2015
Love And The Glory Of God William White 28/06/2015
The Father's Heart Aaron Berko 21/06/2015
Take Christ With You Aaron Berko 14/06/2015
Empowered for Success Various Speakers 07/06/2015
The Teaching Grace Shadreck Chikomba 31/05/2015
Love William White 24/05/2015
7 Awe Inspiring Truths About God Aaron Berko 17/05/2015
Pursuit of Excellence Aaron Berko 04/05/2015
Is Baptism Essential For Salvation Aaron Berko 01/03/2015
Baptism William White 16/03/2014