Equipping Guide

This study guide is meant to be used alongside the Holy Bible, the standard by which everything must be measured. Other study guides and commentaries by renowned and godly men can also be used to aid you in your understanding. Most importantly, seek the Holy Spirit and ask Him to grant you wisdom, discernment and revelation as you study God’s word.

Care has been taken to present the following topics in a way that will equip a believer with certain fundamental truths. If you are unsure about anything contained in these notes please contact any member of the Leadership team.


Fall of man
Restoration of man
Household of God

Freedom in Christ
Freedom from guilt
Freedom from strongholds
Freedom from resentment and un-forgiveness
Walking in victory

Lordship of Jesus
Confession of Christ’s Lordship
Jesus as Saviour and Lord
Baptism (water and Spiritual)
Master and servant
Our inheritance in Christ

Fellowship with Christ
How to listen to God
How God communicates with us
Knowing God’s Voice
Hearing God’s voice

Growing in God’s word
Power of God’s Word
Your quiet time
Studying and meditating on God’s word
Going deeper into God’s word
Applying God’s word

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