Connect Group Study Guide

1 Peter 525/03/2018
1 Peter 418/03/2018
1 Peter 311/03/2018
1 Peter 204/03/2018
1 Peter 125/02/2018
Running With Endurance04/02/2018
Solid Ground26/03/2017
Meeting the Challenges of Life19/03/2017
Killing Sin12/03/2017
Wonder of the Cross05/03/2017
The Cost of following Jesus Christ26/02/2017
The Centrality of Jesus - Connected to the Source19/02/2017
Building Relationships on Firm Foundations12/02/2017
Encounter with God-He Believed God05/02/2017
Encounter-The blessings of His Presence29/01/2017
Encounter - Pursuing the Presence of God15/01/2017
Battlefield of the Mind04/12/2016
We Stand Forgiven20/11/2016
The Power and Purpose of Praise13/11/2016
Christ is Enough IV06/11/2016
Christ is Enough 223/10/2016
Christ is Enough16/10/2016
Cain and Abel-Anger,Envy and Resentment11/09/2016
Eating at the King's Table04/09/2016
The Bride of Christ28/08/2016
The Valley of Achor14/08/2016
1 Kings 1307/08/2016
His Thoughts and Ways Are Far Higher Than Our Own31/07/2016
Called Into Greatness24/07/2016
Seeing The Big Picture17/07/2016
A Heart after God's Own Heart03/07/2016
Signs of Spiritual Dryness28/06/2016
God Our Father21/06/2016
Cost and Benefits of Serving Jesus Christ14/06/2016
Dare to Dream05/06/2016
Running With Purpose31/05/2016
Six Essentials of the Gospel24/05/2016
The Work of the Holy Spirit17/05/2016
The Importance of Worship10/05/2016
Making A Contribution Part 226/04/2016
I Believe Therefore I Am19/04/2016
Hebrews 1012/04/2016
Resurrection Sunday29/03/2016
Making a contribution22/03/2016
Ruth-Love,Loyalty and Divine Favour15/03/2016
Is Your Net Working_06/03/2016
Is Your Net Working06/03/2016
Romans 1329/02/2016
The Meaning of Marriage22/02/2016
The ABCs of Relationships14/02/2016
Romans 9-1207/02/2016
Romans 831/01/2016
Romans 1-317/01/2016
Gifts of The Spirit (Unity and Diversity)30/11/2015
Consequences of Sinful Living22/11/2015
Daniel 10-12 15/11/2015
Daniel 9 08/11/2015
Daniel chapter 5&6 - God will distinguish you among your peers01/11/2015
Daniel 4&5 - Pride Comes Before a Fall25/10/2015
Faith & Glory13/09/2015
Colossians 306/09/2015
Colossians 230/08/2015
The Transforming Power Of Grace 16/08/2015
All For The Glory Of God26/07/2015
A Call To Harmony19/07/2015
Love And The Glory Of God28/06/2015
The Fathers Heart21/06/2015
Empowered For Success07/06/2015
Teaching Grace Which Instructs Us To Say No To Ungodliness.31/05/2015
7 Awe Inspiring Truths About God18/05/2015
Pursuit Of Excellence03/05/2015
Be Transformed26/04/2015
Future Glory19/04/2015
The Great Sacrifice By The Lord At Calvary.12/04/2015
Easter Sunday05/04/2015
The Book of Romans -[Justified] (1)29/03/2015
Worship And The Glory Of God22/03/2015
Using Our Power To Bless15/03/2015
Impossible Is Nothing08/03/2015
Getting The Most Out Of Married Life22/02/2015
Singled Out For a Blessing16/02/2015
Building A Strong Relationship With Our God.08/02/2015
Importance of Preparation02/02/2015
Empowered For Success18/01/2015
The Birth Of Christ - Expecting The Unexpected07/12/2014
Hearing God's Voice 30/11/2014
Walking With The Spirit23/11/2014
The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit16/11/2014
The Holy Spirit-His Deity His Ministry and His Baptism09/11/2014
The Presence Of God02/11/2014
In Pursuit of Spiritual Excellence26/10/2014
New Expectations07/09/2014
The Importance Of Early Morning Prayer31/08/2014
The Chief Duty Of Believers - To Love The Lord Our God24/08/2014
Wells Of Refreshing And Healing17/08/2014
True Spirituality 10/08/2014
Psalms 2503/08/2014
The Nature Of Our God The Father15/06/2014
The Holy Spirit - He Who Is In Us Is Greater 08/06/2014
The Importance Of Being Confident01/06/2014
A New Life25/05/2014
Except Christ And Him Crucified 18/05/2014
Water He Turned Into Wine11/05/2014
Waiting On The Lord04/05/2014
The Full Impact Of The Cross27/04/2014
The Hope Of The Resurrection20/04/2014
The Cross Before Us And The World Behind Us.13/04/2014
Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit06/04/2014
Knowing God30/03/2014
Receiving The Vision- Living With Purpose23/03/2014
Financial Responsibility - Part II09/03/2014
Financial Responsibility - Part I02/03/2014
Winning in Love23/02/2014